Curriculum Vitae


1972 – 1976 Technical University “Otto von Guericke” Magdeburg, Germany
(studies of mathematics)
1976 – 1990 German Academy of Sciences, Berlin
(research in mathematics, computer graphics, facility layout automation, graph drawing, CAD/CAE)
1981 Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat. in mathematics and hydrodynamics)
1989 Leibniz Medal, German Academy of Sciences, Berlin
1990 Habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil. in information technology and facility layout)
1991 – 1992 German Ministry of Research and Technology
(management of large research projects in the field of information and language technology)
1992 – 1994 Institute of Computer Sciences in Design and Manufacturing Berlin, Head of Facility Management/Facility Layout Research Department
since 1994 University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW Berlin),
Professor of IT and Facility Management
(main teaching areas: (Computer Aided) Facility Management, Computer Graphics, CA(A)D, GIS, Workplace Management)
Consultant and reviewer to the European Commission, Brussels
Management of international IT projects in Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region
1995 Establishment of the first FM program at a German university
Member of GEFMA (German Facility Management Association)
since 2001 Head of working group “Digitization” (former CAFM working group) of GEFMA
Member of EuroFM
since 2002 Head of Competence Centre Facility Management (CCFM) at HTW Berlin, later Competence Field Information Management in FM
since 2003 Board member of GEFMA, Director Digitization and International Relations)
2004 Editor and co-author of the “CAFM Handbook”, Springer Publishing House (first systematic IT textbook for FMs), 3rd edition 2013
since 2005 Member of Advisory Board of “Der Facility Manager”, the leading FM journal in the German speaking countries
2007 Member of IFMA
Joint research with IFMA’s IT Community
since 2010 Visiting Professor, Hong Kong University
2011 Research Award, University of Applied Sciences Berlin
2012 Editor and co-author of “The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology”
2013 Science Communication Award, University of Applied Sciences Berlin
2014 Head of Joint Commission FM Program
2014 Editor of “Handbook Facility Management”, ecomed Storck Publishing
2016 FM Innovation Award (FMstar)
2017 The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology, 2nd edition
2018 EuroFM Ambassador to Germany
since 2019 Senior Researcher at Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Sciences (GFaI)